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Cardinal Health™ Care Connections™

Through Cardinal Health Care Connections, extend the reach of your hospital. Establish new revenue streams. Reduce the total cost of care.

If a patient relapses within 30 days, the hospital is not reimbursed even though they weren't responsible for their post-discharge care. How can hospitals extend patient care beyond their walls, and keep patients from being readmitted?

Cardinal Health™ Care Connections™ can help. We'll work with your high-risk patients to reconcile their medications and mitigate post-acute gaps in care. This will help you drive patient adherence and ultimately reduce your total cost of care.

Our unique program:

Closes the care gap between the hospital and home

By identifying and working with your high-risk patients, we help extend patient care beyond the hospital

  • Medication reconciliation                    
  • Bedside medication delivery & central fill        
  • Patient outreach                                         
  • Longitudinal case management                      
  • Clinically appropriate care at a lower cost    

Builds on your hospital's capabilities and increases revenues

Self-funded by the revenue increase it brings your outpatient pharmacy, our program integrates smoothly with your capabilities and technologies

  • Increased outpatient pharmacy revenue
  • Decreased readmissions and total cost of care
  • Adapts to your existing programs      
  • Adds care without adding staff responsibilities

Turns patient data into actionable intelligence

We use real-time data to gauge patients' risk, identify ways to improve their care immediately and directly, and provide ongoing feedback

  • Immediate interventions for specific patients
  • Leverages real-time bedside intelligence      
  • Reporting & physician feedback loop         
  • Ever-increasing patient population data
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