Tear Strength

Tear Strength may be measured by using an Instron®  tensile tester or an Elmendorf tear tester. For the Instron®  test or trouser tear method, samples are cut to a precise rectangular shape with a notch, resembling a pair of trousers. The two "legs" are fastened in the grips of the Instron®  tester and pulled, thereby measuring and recording the force required to tear the sample. For the Elmendorf tear test, a sample is cut to a precise shape and notched. It is fixed into the machine and torn using a pendulum arm. The force required to tear the sample is measured and recorded.The Packaging Technology Center of Cardinal Health offers tear strength testing.

Trouser Tear

Tear strength is an important property of medical packaging substrates. Many packages are designed with a "tear-open feature" and the tear test can help characterize the force required to open the packages. Even if the substrate is not intended for a tear-open package, it is often useful to know the MD and TD tear strength as part of a battery of mechanical properties that may be used in the material selection process.