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State Licensing Services

Ensure you have the necessary state licenses prior to distribution of your commercial products

State licensing for the distribution of drug products and medical devices is required by most states and needs to be in place prior to distribution of your commercial products. If your company is a product manufacturer (contract, private label, virtual, foreign or sampling), wholesaler or distributor, contract sales organization, broker, third-party logistics provider (3PL), importer or exporter, researcher, laboratory or nonresident (mail-order) pharmacy, you will need to have state licenses in place prior to selling, distributing or dispensing a product. Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions has years of proven experience working with the different states to meet their requirements to successfully secure state licenses for commercial products.

State licensing for drugs and devices

  • We provide the services needed to complete and submit the forms required to obtain state licenses
  • We can maintain your state licenses in our database to help renew your state licenses on an ongoing basis
  • We can keep your company within regulatory compliance by reporting key company events to the states, such as changes in ownership or location

The Cardinal Health difference

  • Each state has its own requirements for state licensing forms and submission, renewals and reporting processes – we understand these differences and will help you ensure compliance with each state’s requirements
  • Our state licensing team has extensive experience with federal and state registration and licensing requirements for facilities, drug products and medical devices
  • We provide an in-house management system for periodic registration updates for each state license

State Licensing Services

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