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Pharmaceutical 3PL and Direct Distribution Business Solutions

With systems designed for the unique needs of specialty products, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions provides a wide spectrum of business solutions designed to optimize your product in the right channels at the right time. 
Cold chain security

Learn why a reliable cold chain matters

In our white paper, you’ll learn why the cold chain is vital for healthcare

Transportation management

Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions leverages key transportation partnerships to drive efficiency and speed to market for the unique handling of pharmaceutical products.

Inventory utilization

Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions has developed a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning system for fast, efficient and secure inventory management of specialty drugs.

Warehousing and distribution

With three locations and integrated warehouse and distribution systems, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions is prepared to handle all generic, branded and specialty product needs.

Information technology and reporting

Access real-time data and visibility into the distribution of generic, branded and specialty products with Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions