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Integrated technology and real-time reporting

Get direct visibility into the success of your branded, generic and specialty distribution program

Product visibility when and where you need it

We give you real-time views of sales, item movement, inventory levels, shipment activity and more through connected systems and direct access to data. 
View of inventory levels

Connected technology platform

Serving as the backbone of our end-to-end distribution services, our Elite enterprise resource planning solution streamlines financial, operations and customer relationship management processes through one application.

Giving you the ability to receive accurate information where and when you need it. From managing sales to tracking returns, this visibility is key to the reach of your product and success of your business.

Access your data anytime, anywhere

Systems connected through Elite include:

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Distribution Management System (DMS)
  • Transportation Management System (TMS)
  • Contract and Chargeback Reconciliation System (BACCS)
  • IMPRS Returns software

Real-time reporting through the OneSource Portal

This integrated data is easily accessible through the OneSource Portal - our web-based tool that provides real-time reporting. The portal delivers dashboard views of your program’s performance, links to the UPS or FedEx websites, , tracks inventory levels and provides access to reports over a period of time.

More than 70 standard reports are available, including sales, aging, item movement and lot movement, product receipts, shipment activity, returns and orders and 852/867 data. Additionally, custom reporting is available upon request.

Access to the OneSource portal is role-based, and data can be exported into Excel or pdf for your viewing and manipulation.