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Transportation Management for 3PL and Direct Distribution

Ensuring your products and deliveries are where they need to be when they need to be there

Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions leverages key carrier partnerships and product handling solutions to drive efficiency and speed to market while maintaining the security and integrity of your product.  
Transportation management employee

Transportation Services for Ambient, Refrigerated and Controlled Products

  • Dedicated temperature and non-temperature controlled transportation
  • Exclusive Pharmaceutical Transportation Network (EPTN)
  • Off-site transportation
  • Parcel home delivery of samples
  • Freight watch devices
  • Global trade for compliance

We drive efficiencies, no matter the load size or product requirements.

Driving efficiencies
  • Leverage transportation cost by consolidating manufacturer shipments
  • Reduce shortages, deductions and damages and number of third-party touches through the supply chain
  • Eliminate excessive packaging costs with temperature-controlled trailers
  • Manage cold chain packaging (coolers, gel packs, etc.)
  • Provide contracted rates with LTL carriers
  • Reduce need for expedited shipping 

Your competitive advantage with Cardinal Health

Unmatched experience

As the business behind healthcare for more than four decades and a leader in third party logistics since 1995, we have a deep understanding of product handling needs unique to pharmaceutical products and the vast network to ship products quickly and accurately.

High-touch service and scalable solutions

With one point of contact dedicated to your business, our focus is on delivering high-touch service with attention to detail from personalized program design to point of delivery.

Speed and efficiency

We focus on managing the complexities of distribution so you don’t have to—with custom solutions that enable speed, efficiency and a high level of quality assurance.

Unrivaled alliances

Even a small mistake in shipping or documentation can compromise a product’s integrity. That’s why our network of carriers are carefully chosen based on their specialty pharmaceutical handling capabilities and their technology to support it.