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Contracts, Chargebacks and Returns Management

Track your product—and your ROI—at any point in the chargeback and return process 

With today’s complex contracts and pricing variability, managing chargebacks and returns can be a costly administrative challenge.  We help alleviate this burden through our comprehensive chargeback and returns programs, which cover everything from the point of product receipt to point of product destruction.
Chargebacks and returns management

Contracts and Chargebacks

Through our Contract and Chargeback Reconciliation System, we help you monitor contract obligations, eligibility, chargeback processing and provide support to any discrepancy issues. Additional capabilities include:

  • Processing new contracts and make contract updates within 24 hours of receipt and communicating back to the manufacturer via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • Verifying any membership eligibility as members are submitted for contracts.
  • Processing EDI 844 (chargeback submission), 849 (chargeback reconciliations), 845 (contract notification) 24-check point on every chargeback. 
Contract and Chargeback Reconciliation System

Returns Management

We can manage your company's product returns process in the areas of counting product, issuing credits, coordinating returns to inventory or destruction of product and management of recalls.

This includes:

  • Full lifecycle tracing (from the point returned product is received through certificate of disposal)
  • Processing of ambient, refrigerated, controlled (CII-CV) and hazmat products and product samples
  • Process full and partial units

Our state-of-the-art returns management system allows for dynamic pricing capabilities (wholesale, retail, price sold vs. current WAC) as well as state regulated guidelines. 


Chargeback lines processed last year.


Accuracy rate for all returned product.