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Clinical Services for Better Patient Outcomes

Ensuring patient engagement and adherence

We engage patients, improve adherence and achieve the best possible outcomes through nurse-driven clinical services programs that include compliance and persistency, medical information and pharmacovigilance, adverse-event reporting, MSL services, REMS support and mobile applications.
Collaborating with clients to ensure clinical success

Compliance & Persistency

To ensure the highest level of patient touch, we can initiate a Compliance and Persistency program, staffed with registered nurses, designed for high-quality clinical service to the patients and at specific times during their therapy. This includes outbound welcome calls, non-compliance risk evaluation, follow-up calls and verification that the patient received the prescription from the specialty pharmacy.

Medical Information & Pharmacovigilance

We provide medical information and pharmacovigilance support to ensure treatment adherence, improve the ability to capture and report adverse events and maximize clinical efficacy. The medical information nurse serves as a central point of contact and manages all types of inquiries and reports, from minimal medication information support to complex issues.
Nurse working as point of contact for your patients

Adverse Event and Product Complaint Reporting

We use an FDA-validated system for capturing and reporting adverse events. Process flows and work instructions are developed for each function of the program to guide all aspects, from program design, clinical service triage, program management, and reconciliation reporting.

Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Services

If a field visit is required, our Medical Science Liaison (MSL) team will coordinate with a network RN to schedule an in-home visit. This could include any patient support needed, from product storage to injection training. Our MSL support services also include educational in-services to care practices and other clinicians regarding product information, preparation and administration.

Psych Social Support

A key element that takes our solutions beyond traditional HUB services is our extensive offering of psychological and social tools that extend your brand and support patients on a daily basis.

We will work with foundations and other resources within a patient’s zip code to identify services like transportation, housecleaning or utilities coverage. It’s an example of the white-glove, concierge-style support that we deliver on your behalf that extends patient engagement beyond the initial welcome or starter kit, and delivers adherence services throughout the patient’s treatment journey.


Our Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) program includes a centralized regulatory/compliance service program for the collection and maintenance of all data elements which will be reported back to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Services include designing and maintaining the registries of prescribers, pharmacies, distributors and patients as well as assessments to determine whether or not patients are receiving and understanding the content of medication guides. All materials can be passed through the Patient Services Center (HUB) and provided to the prescriber, pharmacy, infusion center and patient and tracked through the FDA-validated monitoring and evaluation tools.

Mobile Application and Patient Engagement Tools

Mobile Application: Take the lead with this mobile application – designed to improve patient outcomes by enhancing patient engagement and improving compliance and adherence to therapy care plans. Through an easy-to-use tool designed for both iPhone and Android platforms, patients can learn about their condition and medication, document relevant aspects of their health history, complete risk assessment forms, document their experience while on therapy, and communicate directly and instantly with RN case managers to address any questions or concerns through real-time, HIPAA secure communication tools.

Two-way Text Messaging : We can communicate with manufacturers’ practices and patients via two-way text messaging; reports can be provided as well.


increase of injections for a self-injectable anti-inflammatory drug (average 1.5 vial increase per patient, per year) due to compliance and persistency program