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Patient Access Services

Helping patients overcome barriers that lead to skipped doses or unfilled prescriptions

For patients managing complex diseases, the financial obligations can be significant, and often prevent patients from accessing or continuing treatment. Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions helps patients overcome these barriers and transition to commercial coverage through copay solutions, alternate coverage identification, foundation support and free drug programs.
Helping patients overcome barriers

Copay Solutions

We offer three customizable copay assistance solutions to support patients. CopaySource, our retail solution, provides online enrollment of a virtual or physical card. The physician copay card supports buy-and-bill providers through an access card program. We also deliver our specialty pharmacy solution, through which multiple patients can be enrolled at the same time. 

Alternate Coverage and Premium Assistance

Alternate coverage research provides a deep dive into health insurance coverage for patients who have been identified as under-insured or un-insured. Our Premium Insurance Specialist identifies insurance plans for the patient and sends the request to a selected foundation to purchase the benefit coverage if the patient is unable to afford the premium. We also work with Medicare patients who would benefit from a Part D plan and patients who qualify as a “hardship” case to obtain insurance through the exchanges. 
Working with patients to secure coverage

Foundation Support

We work with a variety of foundations that can promote and provide program and disease resources to patients, as well as financial assistance. As identified during the call triage process, care coordinators share these resources with patients and assist the patient in reaching out to these organizations.

PAP, Quick Start and Bridge programs

Whether uninsured, underinsured or facing other roadblocks such as prior authorizations and appeals, we deliver a variety of programs that expedite the process in getting the patient access to therapy as quickly as possible.

  • Patient Assistance Program (PAP):  Supporting uninsured patients, we work with you to manage eligibility requirements and enrollment guidelines, and also verify and dispense the product through our in-house non-commercial pharmacy services.
  • Rapid Therapy Initiation (RTI): We will incorporate a Rapid Therapy Initiation program (quick start) when there are barriers to fill time due to prior authorization, appeals or other payer issues.
  • Bridge: For patients who are transitioning between benefit programs or transitioning from a patient access program to a new benefit program, we provide bridge programs to ensure the patient receives care without disruption. 


Conversion rate for one client who utilized premium assistance to move patients to commercial coverage