Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information

Detect, assess, understand and prevent adverse effects and other drug efficacy, while monitoring therapies throughout the patient journey

Registered nurses bring a special level of expertise to our pharmacovigilance services. We provide a range of support to ensure adherence with treatment plans, improve the ability to capture and report adverse events, and maximize clinical efficacy.

Data collection and capture

We help you ensure optimal outcomes for patients by capturing the information on the performance of your product through:

  • Product inquiries
  • Adverse event and product complaint intake
  • Case processing
  • Reporting drug safety concerns

Medical information

For treatment information, adverse event triage or medical questions, our medical information nurses serve as central points of contact for your product. We can manage all types of inquiries and reports from minimal medication education to complex investigation tracking.

Adverse events: We use a validated system for capturing and reporting adverse events. Process flows and work instructions are developed for each function of the program to guide all aspects, including program design, clinical service triage, program management and reconciliation reporting.

Product complaints: Our solutions include the ability to receive product complaints via telephone, email or fax. We collect the appropriate information based on manufacturer instructions, store it in a database and provide the data back to the manufacturer for reporting purposes.


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