Meet the Access & Patient Support Experts

Improve performance outcomes and program efficiencies by working with our diverse team of experts

In today’s managed care environment, your specialty, orphan and ultra-orphan therapies continuously face increasing reimbursement and patient access barriers. The experts behind Sonexus™ Access & Patient Support provide white glove customer service and years of expertise to help you overcome these barriers and increase access to your therapies. Our team provides an integrated approach and personalized experience, whether we are managing your full product launch or collaborating with your existing teams. Get to know our team by reviewing the profiles below or contact us for more information.


Jennifer Fillman

Jennifer Fillman oversees capabilities in access and patient support, healthcare marketing and analytics, third party logistics and strategic accounts.

Jon Kwiatkowski

Jon Kwiatkowski leads the non-commercial specialty pharmacy and has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare and specialty pharmacy settings.

Geoff W. Glenn

Geoff Glenn has 26 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and management, including design and implementation of specialty pharmacy sales programs.

Mike McKiggan

Mike McKiggan has more than 20 years of IT experience and excels at aligning business needs with technology solutions.

Linda Northcutt

Linda Northcutt manages a team of registered nurses responsible for compliance and persistency programs to support patient education.

Holly Sheets

Holly Sheets has more than 20 years of governance and compliance experience and is responsible for identifying IT risk factors and risk mitigation.

Steve Jensen

Steve Jensen oversees implementation of innovative technology solutions that improve the experience and outcomes for patients, providers and physicians.

Jason Drenning, PhD

Jason Drenning, PhD, drives operations for Specialty Services, including leading process optimization and integrating business strategies.

David Huynh

David Huynh is responsible for the management and delivery of critical information technology solutions that impact patients and providers.

Kimberly Milks

Kimberly Milks is a registered nurse providing oversight of the medical information, product safety and product safety and quality complaint reporting processes.

Cathy Patten

Cathy Patten oversees clinical operations and manages day-to-day Hub services for access and patient support programs.

Joaquin Zaragoza

Joaquin Zaragoza oversees client technology solutions that help improve day-to-day operations, sales and analytics.