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Integrated Pharmacy and Direct Distribution

Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions is the first company to integrate non-commercial pharmacy services for free drug dispense with direct distribution -- ensuring fast, efficient and secure handling of your product to those patients who are at risk of delay in therapy.

Integrated Non-Commercial Pharmacy Services

Our non-commercial pharmacy services are located in the same Lewisville, TX operations center as the access and patient support and direct distribution services. This enables us to quickly and effiicently provide access to free product, based on eligibiity criteria, to those patients who are uninsured, under-insured or who are at risk of experiencing delay in therapy due to managed care roadblocks.

Pharmacy solutions include:

  • Expanded Access Programs (EAP)
  • Clinical Trial Transition
  • Patient Access Programs (PAP)
  • Rapid Therapy Initiation
  • Bridge Programs

Integration with Access & Patient Support

While the non-commercial pharmacy system and product inventory remains firewalled from the rest of the operations center, the physical co-location drives numerous efficiencies, from patient hand-off to product dispense.

The pharmacy maintains and receives orders through a separate ERP and picking system that supports the fulfillment of free drug product. Starting from the point of prescription through the point of dispensing, this approach is backed by technology, automation and innovation that streamlines processes and drives efficiency.

Once a patient is referred to a free drug or quick start program, a real-time electronic referral takes place between our proprietary case management system and the non-commercial pharmacy. This creates an automatic activity for the pharmacy’s outbound coordinators to:

  • Make outreach calls to inform patients that they are eligible for free drug program
  • Set up the order
  • Contact the physician to obtain the prescription
  • Note how product needs to be shipped
  • Verify product receipt

Integrated Distribution Services

Our Distribution Services includes both traditional 3PL services as well as direct distribution to practices, hospitals, specialty pharmacies and direct to patients. These direct distribution capabilities are ideal for buy-and-bill models, orphan and ultra orphan products that require more control over distribution and free drug shipment directly to patients.

The pharmacy management system also integrates with the warehouse management system and utilizes the conveyor line and built-in quality checks of the distribution center, which is designed for high volume, small parcel shipments. This delivers many benefits not seen by other distribution models, including:

  • One conveyor line, designed for small parcel, high volume shipments of both patient and non-patient product and materials
  • 5-point, 100% quality checkpoints, with in-line cameras that ensure product security
  • 48-hour turnaround on free product from time of prescription for patients who qualify for PAP
  • Same-day shipment for orders placed by 3 p.m. CST
  • No 6-month pre-date requirement, allowing for just-in-time shipment
  • FDA relabeling services, so product can be easily removed from inventory, relabeled and placed in pharmacy services inventory


turnaround for patients to receive free product from time of prescription