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Help the uninsured and under-insured receive access to the therapies they need

Sometimes, a patient’s circumstances hinder their ability to afford the medication they desperately need. We intervene on behalf of the uninsured and under-insured by researching alternate coverage options through foundations and non-profits, then triaging patients to the appropriate support resources.
Additionally, we dispense patient assistance program (PAP) products through our non-commercial specialty pharmacy and can relabel commercial products to PAP product for free drug dispensing.
Video: Keys to Designing a Compliant Patient Access Program.   How pharmaceutical manufacturers can design patient assistance programs (PAP) to comply with guidelines from the Office of Inspector General (OIG)

Industry-leading free drug programs

Our free drug program services include a non-commercial specialty pharmacy for dispensing as well as special dispensing capabilities. Manufacturers benefit from a deeper level of regulatory security by avoiding actual and perceived inducement and kickbacks.


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