Connected Technology Solutions and Real-Time Reporting

We employ open and mobile technology platforms that support specialty products and allow for ease of data integration that's critical to the delivery of access and patient support services.

Open and mobile technology platform design

Our technology platform is the backbone of our innovative business model, creating an open and mobile environment that allows for ease of data integration and ease of access for all parties—patient, physician, nurse, manufacturer, salesforce and pharmacy. This platform is designed to:

  • Serve as the central data repository for all applications
  • Successfully bridge to existing technology assets and applications
  • Support and serve all new internal/external facing software applications
  • Allow us to easily create new data products and services to meet your needs
  • Enable enterprise reporting: dashboards/reports that draw on all data accumulated

This open architecture provides fast, seamless data integration with third-parties for electronic enrollment and prior authorization. Our mobile platform supports both mobile applications for patient engagement as well as real-time views of dashboard analytics through mobile devices and tablets.

Portal and web development

Our proprietary OneSource portal is a central environment providing access to:

  • Provider portal to support the physician and practice team with product ordering, patient enrollment and patient status.
  • Patient portal for eligibility check, program enrollment, secure document upload and refill/service requests.
  • Manufacturer portal providing management and field dashboards for a 360-degree view of your product. These visual metrics drive action and deliver key performance insights. This solution has been optimized for the field sales force. 

Reporting and data analytics

Through the use of our best-in-class systems, you’ll have access to a wide range of reports in various formats, including:

  • Real-time inquiry
  • Real-time reporting
  • Dashboard/analytics
  • Standard and custom extracts
  • Real-time web services

Mobile application and patient engagement tools

Mobile application: The best way to improve medication compliance and persistency is to keep in touch with patients through mobile tools that engage patients in their care. Designed for both iPhone and Android, our easy-to-use app enables patients to learn about their condition and medication, document relevant aspects of their health history, complete risk assessment forms and journal about their experience on therapy. Patients can even directly communicate with registered nurse case managers instantly through real-time, HIPAA secure messaging to address any questions or concerns.

Two-way text messaging: We can communicate with manufacturers’ practices and patients via two-way text messaging; reports can be provided as well.