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Medication Therapy Management Solution

Payer benefits

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the need for providers to take a more active role in their members' medication use has become increasingly apparent. To help payers and health plans conserve costs, reduce gaps in care and improve outcomes, our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Solution helps ensure that your members are on the right medications, using them the right way and achieving desired results.

Successful completion of MTM cases helps you improve Star Ratings performance, and CMS internal studies demonstrate impressive return on investment for MTM services. With approximately 7,500 local community pharmacies, and roughly 75 percent of hospitals using our products and services, our vast network enables us to reach your highest-risk and hardest-to-reach members.

Nationwide Network

Our vast provider network enables us to more effectively reach eligible members

With experience conducting MTM interventions on behalf of pharmacies from coast to coast, Cardinal Health is uniquely positioned to serve hard-to-reach and high-risk members and coordinate with care teams after the MTM consultation is complete.


  • About 7,500 locally-owned community pharmacies
  • Nearly 1,000 licensed Cardinal Health pharmacists
  • One of the nation's largest remote pharmacy service businesses
  • Today, more than 75% of hospitals use our products and services and trust our subject matter experts to provide best practice insights

Closing gaps in care

Helping pharmacies improve medication adherence

Based on your member population, we compile data from numerous sources to identify medication-related gaps in care. We then leverage a predictive modeling engine to identify members who could benefit most from pharmacist intervention. Cardinal Health pharmacists contact eligible members and work to better close medication-related gaps and communicate with care teams to help ensure medication adherence.


  • We identify highest-risk members through data analysis and a predictive modeling engine
  • We target high-risk members based on risk stratification and leverage our vast network to close gaps in care
  • We document and conduct Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs)
  • We document and deliver Personal Medication Lists (PMLs) and personalized Medication Action Plans (MAPs)
  • We conduct patient interventions and follow-ups
  • Our pharmacies focus on building and maintaining patient relationships to support adherence and quality performance

Reporting and Analysis

Track savings and outcomes

Our robust reporting analyzes results and shows closed gaps in care, including volume, type and savings achieved. We analyze the opportunity and work through our network to improve medication use and reduce health care costs.


  • Show completion of MTM cases to drive Star Ratings performance in Medicare Parts C and D
  • Improve the patient/member experience
  • Provide tools and resources for patients to become active partners in their care via our Patient Portal
  • Increase delivery rate of Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs)
  • Receive reporting on outcomes, cost control opportunities and related savings
  • Our reporting tools help ensure regulatory compliance

Welcome OutcomesMTM

Cardinal Health recently acquired industry-leading OutcomesMTM® to strengthen its medication adherence capabilities.

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