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Study shows financial incentives have little impact on prescribing patterns

Many healthcare stakeholders see the fee-for-service payment system and its “buy-and-bill” model as a key driver of rising healthcare costs, because of the financial incentive it offers for overprescribing costly drugs. Physicians see this as an unflattering portrayal, because it suggests that payment has more influence on their prescribing decisions than patient care or professionalism.

Still, clinical trials and real-world evidence are not the only factors that influence prescription decisions. Behavioral economics – patterns or biases that influence “rational” decision making – can come in to play and the reality of human thought can impact the practice of evidence-based medicine. But to what extent?

According to a study conducted by Dr. Bruce Feinberg, DO, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, removing financial incentives had very little impact on prescribing behavior. 

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