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Personalized Medicine by KEW Group

Revolutionizing cancer care through the promise of personalized medicine.

Anticipating the increased use of molecular diagnostics in patient care, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions became a minority investor in KEW Group.

This state of the art molecular diagnostics laboratory and oncology services company provides next generation technology to enable precision cancer care in community hospitals and clinics. Through this collaboration, oncologists are provided with action-oriented solutions and emerging therapies to create personalized treatment approaches for patients using genetic sequencing technology and best-in-class scientific and clinical knowledge. 

Microbiologist holding petri dish

The KEW Group’s comprehensive, integrated offering includes:

  • CancerPlexsm: A comprehensive gene testing panel to evaluate genetic changes in a patient’s tumor
  • Molecular Diagnostics: Cutting edge, cost-effective MDx testing and interpretation services
  • TPx Treatment Pathways: Genetics-intensive, evidenced-based pathways for the community setting
  • Oncology Network: Network of clinicians and community oncology practices contributing collective expertise to advance personalized care

Our relationship with KEW Group is just another example of how Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions is on the forefront of macro-trends in patient care — dedicated to providing community oncology clinics access to the next generation of therapies. To learn more about KEW, please visit

KEW’s Unique Approach

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Learn more about CancerPlex℠

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