Regimen Analyzer for Oncology

Unleash the power of economic modeling to better manage the financial impact of cancer treatment.

Regimen Analyzer is an integrated, web-based tool that delivers robust financial reporting and analysis exclusively for VitalSource™ GPO members. Use it to quickly and accurately estimate the total cost of care, including drug prices and payer contracts. So you can maximize drug spend, identify all eligible reimbursements and ultimately—decrease your patients' financial burden.

  • Compare views for similar disease states and indications
  • Access a clinical library of more than 400 regimens
  • Upload and manage fee schedules for private payers 
  • Compare therapeutic class reimbursements 
Regimen Analyzer comparison screen

Increase patient satisfaction

Your patients and their families have enough on their minds already. The cost of care shouldn't add to the burden. Regimen Analyzer helps them better understand treatment costs and financing options. The solution creates easy-to-understand reports about out-of-pocket expenses and improves access to financial assistance programs.
Patient financial counseling reporting screen
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Learn how the power of economic modeling can help you better manage the financial impact of cancer treatment.

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