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Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy

Delivering the support you need to dispense limited distribution specialty medications.

With Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy, practices gain access to exclusive and limited distribution specialty therapies. Our service offering is flexible and customized to fit the needs of your practice — giving you the freedom to focus on your patients.
Patient and physician consultation

So how does it work?

Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy offers a broad range of patient-centric services to help you deliver high quality care. These services are designed to improve patient compliance with specialty oral or self-injectable treatment regimens and to help patients better manage the clinical and financial complexities of these medications. This team of specialty drug experts can:

Manage prior authorization and co-pay assistance — helping patients navigate the often complicated process of being approved by their pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) or medical benefit plan, facilitating patients’ access to financial resources and assisting them with co-pays and other related financial issues.

Dispense specialty medications and adjudicate related claims — when a specialty medication is available only through a limited distribution network, Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy can dispense the prescription, adjudicate the claim and mail the medication to the patient.

Provide individualized patient care — including patient training on how to self-administer medications, how to manage complex medication adherence guidelines and how to manage related side effects.

Work with the patient and prescribing physician to order and process medication refills — enhancing the patient-physician relationship and serving physicians by keeping them informed every step of the way.

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