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Practice Analytics

Targeting better results

How up-to-date performance data improves decision making at Urology Associates, P.C.

Case study

Urology Associates, P.C.

Beyond the data dump

Every day, urology practices are inundated with practice and patient data. “It’s overwhelming and not targeted,” said Micail Samiere, Chief Executive Officer of Urology Associates, P.C., which serves Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding communities. "We routinely have three or more team members approaching the same challenge from different vantage points. They all get the same data-dump reports, but need different information. We were searching for an opportunity to help our people easily get the specific, up-to-date information they need to answer critical questions and make better decisions."

Traditional practice management systems aren’t the answer, because standard monthly reports provide only a retrospective snapshot. You can create ad-hoc reports in the interim, but the process is complex and time consuming—with no guarantee you’ll have the exact data you need.

“Getting information sounds so simple, but it’s so hard,” Samiere said. “Traditional practice management systems are a ‘black box’ that take a computer expert to understand and navigate. We wanted a more intuitive system that could give everyone easy access to information.”

The solution is Advanced Practice Analytics, from VitalSource™ GPO. It gives online users easy access to exactly the information they want, in the desired format. “This tool frees us from the data-dump reports and puts the precise data that each of us needs, right at our fingertips,” Samiere said.

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The advantage of up-to-date information

For Urology Associates, Advanced Practice Analytics is a new opportunity to create insights across the practice’s clinical, operational and financial performance:

Tracking high-dollar drugs, via several dashboard tools:

  • Reimbursement Management: The practice no longer needs to wait until the end of the month to see if a claim has been paid. This tool tracks and updates claims data daily, monitoring payments by payer. “For example, we checked on the payment status of one claim and discovered that it wasn’t even being processed,” Samiere said.
  • Diagnosis Management: This tool helps the practice see diagnosis trends of each physician, with a particular focus on who is treating the most—and least—prostate cancer. “It identifies where the greatest opportunities for improvement are,” she said.
  • Margin Analytics: By easily seeing and tracking current product utilization and reimbursement, the practice can ensure adequate payment for the high-dollar drugs that have a significant impact on financial performance.

Improving revenue cycle management:
The practice outsources accounts receivable management. While Samiere and her staff receive several standard monthly reports from the billing company, they can use Advanced Practice Analytics to gain faster access to information throughout the month.

Engaging physicians:
“This will change physician behavior,” Samiere said. “Not only will they be more compliant with protocols, they can easily compare personal performance with their peers. Physicians will have immediate access to productivity and therapeutic trends, giving them more information and resources to succeed.”

Easy to implement

“It was very easy on our end,” Samiere said. “There was no burden on our IT department—which was key, because they were getting ready for ICD-10 at the time and had also just installed a new practice management system.

In fact, all our IT team had to do was give VitalSource™ GPO access to our data. The entire process was done in a day. We expected there would be a lot of teeth gnashing, but there wasn’t. We just clicked on a web link, signed in and our data was there,” she said.

Seeing the value of data

Part of the challenge of having access to large amounts of data is the need to make something useful out of it all. Staff members can be resentful of the process if they feel it’s cumbersome and all they’re doing is putting data into a “black box” that only certain people can understand and access.

Advanced Practice Analytics levels the playing field— turning data into meaningful information, while making it easy for anyone to access. “The more information we can put into more hands, the more engaged we’ll all be in the success of our practice,” Samiere said. That is the true power of data analytics at work: improving results and satisfaction at the same time.

For better patient care

Advanced Practice Analytics easily translates mountains of data into vital information that helps inform more effective decision-making. And better business decisions can help lead to better patient care. “The more practices that use this tool, the better it will get. And the more successful we’ll all be,” Samiere said.

Why Advanced Practice Analytics?

  • Get immediate answers to critical questions, based on up-to-date clinical, operational and financial data.
  • Intuitive analytics dashboards track drug utilization, patient population, claims denials, contract performance and reimbursement trends.
  • Improve the efficiency of operational processes, cash flow, reimbursements and payer negotiations.
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Advanced Practice Analytics is part of a comprehensive solution for specialty practices that can help improve business operations. Other VitalSource™ GPO services include physician dispensing, a highly competitive contract portfolio and innovative strategies for generating new revenue.

About Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions

Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions partners with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure patients have access to the therapies they need. From supporting manufacturers on the path to successful drug commercialization, to delivering the products providers need and the efficiencies they want, we use our expertise to improve specialty care.

About Urology Associates, P.C.

Founded in the 1940's, Urology Associates, P.C. serves Middle Tennessee with 34 board certified urologists and 12 Advanced Practice Providers, providing care in over 20 locations.  Urology Associates is committed to innovation and the integration of advanced technology and advanced therapeutics in its treatment offerings. The practice offers both minimally invasive and non-invasive surgical options. In addition, the practice provides unique treatment options and specialized care in their Urology Surgery Center, Women's Institute for Sexual Health (WISH) and Advanced Therapeutics Center.  Urology Associates, P.C. was founded on the principles of compassionate, high quality urological care, and continues to serve that mission.

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