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Have the right generic pharmaceutical, for the right patient, at the right time

Pharmacists don’t want to worry about how a pharmaceutical makes its way from the manufacturer to the pharmacy. They just want the right generic pharmaceutical to be within reach when it’s needed. We understand that.

SOURCE℠ Generics Program

We ensure we align with the strongest and best-positioned generic manufacturers providing consistent and reliable supply with competitive pricing. With years of generics experience, take advantage of the industry’s broadest portfolio of generic products and services, including our First ScriptSM  automatic shipment solution Program.

Generics news

Customers can login to our ordering site and leverage our expertise with access to many resources including:

  • New generic pharmaceutical launch information
  • Generic Watch List
  • Day 181 reminders
  • Switch Information

Cardinal Health customers receive Essential Information which provides key market intelligence and insights.

  • Timely information on generics
  • Market disruptions
  • Industry updates
  • Managed care updates