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Help your work flow

No pharmacist is in business for the paperwork. You do it for your patients.

Yet, the burden of administration continues to grow. That’s why we’re here: to automate the manual processes that cut into staff time and your bottom line. Whether your pharmacy is large or small, there’s a Cardinal Health business solution for streamlining your operations, lowering costs and helping you improve the patient experience.

Our solutions

Automate new generic shipments

First ScriptSM is the Cardinal Health automatic shipment solution allowing pharmacies access to new, high-profile generic pharmaceutical drugs as soon as they are released. Pharmacies can have confidence that they will receive the right product as soon as it becomes available from our manufacturer partners. You can receive:

  • Supply customized based on your purchase history of the brand equivalent
  • Extended payment terms on generics
  • Price protection

Online ordering

Online ordering is fast and easy for generics. Search for generic products easily without having to remember NDC numbers. Get real-time product availability as well as access to new launch information, market disruptions and upcoming product switches.

Various reports are available to provide insights that will help you manage and understand your generics business. Reporting is designed to be easy enough for the new user to master quickly, but detailed enough to provide the savviest of decision makers the power to effectively control costs and drive profitability.

Cardinal Health provides you the necessary information to validate you are buying the right products, and pinpoint additional savings opportunities such as brand to generic conversion opportunities.

Patient communications

Cardinal Health offers you counter signs to assist with patient awareness. We provide signage for:

  • New generic launches: This customizable template is available for all First ScriptSM customers to assist your pharmacy with brand to generic conversions
  • Industry-wide product shortages: This template is available to create awareness of pharmaceuticals that may be experiencing shortages in the market