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Quick Cash Returns

Quickly receive your outstanding credit

Eliminate your need to manually reconcile returns credits and gain more time with your patients.

Get your money within 60 days

We realize your pharmacy has issues with receiving all of the money owed to you by manufacturers for your unsalable merchandise. It can take a pharmacy up to 24 months to get the cash they are owed from the manufacturer. Cardinal Health can bear the burden of collecting those outstanding debts owed to you. It will take less than 60 days to receive value for the merchandise once processed.

Great partnerships

Cardinal Health has built strong relationships with manufacturers that allows this solution for your pharmacy to be possible. Not only have we built solid relationships with our manufacturers, but also with our preferred third-party processors, Inmar and Pharma Logistics.

Download the brochure for more information about Quick Cash Returns

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18-24 months

Return request to the third-party returns processor to request credit from the manufactures can take up to 24 month to process.


30-60 days

Return through third-party returns processor with credit payment from Cardinal Health are processed in 30-60 days.

18-24 months

Cardinal Health will shoulder the responsibility or petitioning the manufactures for reimbursement.

Convenient and easy process
  1. Pharmacy acquires shipping info for returnable products
  2. Pharmacy ships items
  3. Inmar®/Pharma Logisitcs® receive items
  4. Pharmacy receives information on the total return value from Inmar®/Pharma Logistics®
  5. Within 60 days of the returnable value assessment, the pharmacy will receive a credit of 80 percent of the estimated returnable value
  6. Over the course of the next 18-24 months, Cardinal Health collects the returns values owed from the manufacturers

Benefits for your pharmacy

  • Quick injection of cash to your bottom line
  • Elimination of manual reconciliation
  • Peace of mind in knowing your pharmacy is receiving payment
  • Increased time with patients

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