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Reach for the Stars

Enabling your independent pharmacy to elevate patient care and pharmacy performance, and grow your business

Healthcare continues to evolve, and with it, our Reach for the Stars suite of tools. Designed to help pharmacies meet and exceed the standards of the CMS Star Ratings attached to Medicare Part D plans, Reach for the Stars solutions are designed to match today’s focus on pay-for-performance.

To keep you at the forefront of preferred network access and pay-for-performance opportunities, we help you see exactly how you are contributing to CMS Star Ratings and pinpoint areas for improvement. We then arm you with a wide selection of flexible and customizable tools for driving patient engagement and adherence. Reach for the Stars helps you reach your goal of improving the wellbeing of your patients and your community.

See how you measure up

Benchmark your performance with EQuIPP™

As CMS Star Ratings become more critical to the future of pharmacy, so does seeing how you stack up. EQuIPP™ serves as a neutral intermediary for the calculation of pharmacy quality scores for both pharmacies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and Medicare Part D plans.

  • See performance compared to Medicare Star Ratings thresholds
  • Benchmark your pharmacy versus Organization Average, State Average and All EQuIPP™ Users Average
  • Obtain information on performance-based incentive opportunities
  • Access Improvement Strategies and Resources

Identify who needs your help

Target patients who have the most impact on your performance

As pharmacy quality measures focus on adherence, even a few patients who don’t take their medications as indicated have a negative impact on your quality measure performance. Identify those most in need of assistance through EQuIPP™ Patient Outlier reporting in conjunction with Adherence Reports from our Reimbursement Consulting Services (RCS).

RCS Adherence Reports include:

  • Five disease- and medication-specific adherence reports give adherence information by Proportion of Days Covered (PDC)
  • The High Risk Medication for the Elderly report shows any patients on potentially dangerous drugs

Provide personalized patient care solutions

Find solutions tailored to your patients’ challenges

Each patient faces a different set of adherence challenges. By providing a wide variety of solutions, we ensure that as you work with your patients, you can offer the best set of solutions to help them take their medications as prescribed.

  • Medication Therapy Management Solution: As part of supporting Medicare Part D Comprehensive Medication Reviews, this solution delivers eligible cases at six times the industry average, helping to ensure your pharmacy meets important quality measures and provides the best of care to your patients. Learn more
  • Medication synchronization: Simplify refills for patients with multiple prescriptions by coordinating a patient’s prescriptions so they can be picked up on the same day each month. Patients make one trip to the pharmacy per month, knowing they will have a chance to discuss their medications with their pharmacist every month. And since you know when patients will be coming for their prescriptions, you can more efficiently utilize your inventory and resources.
  • Specialized Care Centers: Our programs provide personalized learning opportunities and tailored action plans that encourage your patients to become more informed about prevention, condition management and wellness. Learn more




Track your pharmacy’s performance with the EQuIPP™ dashboard

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CMS Star Ratings course

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