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Cardinal Health Reconciliation

Rule your revenue

Cardinal Health Reconciliation takes the complexities of managing third party reimbursements and simplifies it. Rule your revenue with a solution that provides transparency into payer trends, DIR fees and much more.


Cardinal Health Reconciliation Services is designed to help you:

  • Access prescription payment information utilizing an intuitive, online portal
  • Identify unpaid prescription claims, DIRs and store level adjustments
  • Expose payer trends
  • Provide an accurate picture of your business financial health to your accountant
  • Track your claims history and trending


Cardinal Health Reconciliation offers more than you think

  • Clear visibility into your pending claims and the total reconciled claims in the last seven days, month to date and year to date via your Daily Dashboard
  • Real time claim/remittance updates 
  • An easy way to identify manual reconciliation 
  • Extended history and trending 
  • A dedicated Reconciliation Specialist and collections support 
  • A single user sign on that is integrated with Order Express and Retail Advantage solutions  

Trends and reporting

Along with your Daily Dashboard, these reports are available to you through Cardinal Health Reconciliation:

  • Visibility into actual DIR fees and store-level adjustments
  • Real-time reporting that contains beginning and ending balances in addition to unapplied cash
  • Outstanding insurance sales aging summary
  • Reconciled versus unreconciled claims
  • Revenue review