Managed Care Services

From third-party contracting to Audit Assistance and Automated MAC Advantage, Managed Care Services provides you with the comprehensive support you need.

Advantages for your pharmacy

  • Establish your pharmacy as a member of the largest and most respected Pharmacy Services Administrative Organizations (PSAO) in the industry
  • Assist with access to niche services including immunizations, compounding, Medicare Part D, Med D Long-term Care, mail at retail, and Medication Therapy Management
  • Receive funds via electronic funds transfer (EFT) for 50+ payers through Central Pay
  • Satisfy compliance requirements through the Compliance Management Service
  • Understand pharmacy performance with the EQuIPP™ dashboard
  • Consult with an audit specialist on our Audit Assistance team for your pharmacy’s third-party payer audits

You can save valuable time by allowing our experienced staff to:

  • Completely handle the review and execution of contracts
  • Actively manage the quality and integrity of your network to allow for contracting opportunities in narrow or preferred networks
  • Submit third-party underpaid MAC reimbursements on your pharmacy’s behalf

Audit Assistance

Audit Assistance is a value-added Managed Care offering, providing comprehensive audit support and educational resources

Compliance Management Service

Compliance Management Service delivers accredited training accepted by all third-party payers and necessary for compliance

Automated MAC Advantage

Automated MAC Advantage is a value-added solution, providing support on underpaid third-party MAC claims.

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