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Prescription Editing

Prescription Editing is an advanced real-time editing solution designed to enhance efficiencies, protect margins and improve third-party reimbursements.


Real results

Prescription Editing consists of a series of edits that evaluates prescription claims and provides financial and administrative reviews prior to being sent to the processor. If there is an issue requiring pharmacist intervention, the claim is rejected with a clear message outlining the problem and suggestions.


With Prescription Editing, your pharmacy can enjoy these advantages:

  •  Provides automatic, real-time validation on each prescription claim
  •  Delivers meaningful and actionable messages to staff, improving productivity
  •  Helps improve reimbursement by ensuring accurate pricing
  •  Reduces claim submission errors, preventing audit risk


Prescription Editing offers more than you think.

  •  Pricing edits prevent underpaid claims and improves reimbursements paid by third parties
  •  AWP pricing updates automatically work behind the scenes, saving you time and money
  •  Compliance edits prevent errors and improper usage, reducing the chance of third-party audits
  •  Enjoy 24/7 customer support and access to a comprehensive web-based suite of reports to provide you with the resources needed to manage your third-party claims

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