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Reconciliation Complete

Achieve 100 percent reconciliation on all of your pharmacy claims

Reconciliation Complete offers a centralized platform for all third-party payments and collections, and is available to LeaderNET®  and MSInterNet®  Managed Care members for a flat monthly fee. 
Reconciliation Complete allows for 100 percent reconciliation of pharmacy claims. The program automates your reconciliation process, freeing up time and money so that you can concentrate on your business and patients.
Reconciliation Complete offers more than you think
  • 100 percent of claims eligible for reconciliation
  •  Existing Reconciliation Basic customer’s history loaded into the system
  • Online 15 week trending by PBM
  • Platform for centralized collections process for outstanding receivables
  • Claim search tool for claim detail
  • Online interactive help functionality
  • Dedicated pharmacy help desk through your Managed Care Account Manager
Scheduled reports

These reports are available to you with Reconciliation Complete

  • Weekly Aging Summary provides a summary by PBM of all open claim aggregated balances to date.
  • Weekly Deposit Detail contains summary of all deposits processed in the system. Report also provided monthly.
  • Weekly Remittance Detail includes claim level detail of claims reconciled outside of Central Pay. Report available in Excel/PDF and 835 text format.
  • Monthly Write-off Detail provides detail of all claims written off during the month.
  • Monthly Receivable Recovery lists all claims that were paid more than 60 days after their fill date.


potential annual revenue losses for a pharmacy filling 200 prescriptions per day of between $30,000 and $115,000 due to unpaid, underpaid, or misdirected third-party reimbursements