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Pharmaceutical Tracing - Customers

Transaction data and other resources are available to help customers meet the requirements of the DSCSA.

As dispensers of prescription drugs, customers are required to adhere to strict guidelines for accepting ownership and keeping records of those products:

  • trade only with authorized trading partners
  • have processes in place to identify suspect and illegitimate product
  • only accept ownership of a prescription drug if the previous owner provides transaction data
  • maintain transaction data for six years and be able to provide it upon request from the FDA or other federal or state official in the event of a recall or investigation

Cardinal Health looks forward to offering solutions so customers can stay focused on their number one priority of serving their own customers. Transaction data for the eligible prescription drugs purchased from Cardinal Health is available online. Our customers may also enter into an agreement for Cardinal Health to maintain the transaction data on their behalf.

Drug Tracing FAQs

383KB – PDF

Cardinal Health Licenses

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Cardinal Health Puerto Rico Article (Spanish)

825KB – PDF

Customer Requirements

278KB – PDF

How to access and read drug transaction data

How the DSCSA affects our customers

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Access Transaction Data

Transaction data reports for DSCSA-eligible drugs are available at no cost, 24x7

How to access and read data reports

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Access: Kinray and Puerto Rico customers

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Transaction Data End User Agreement

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