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Pharmaceutical Tracing – Manufacturers

We work with manufacturers to ensure the accurate exchange of drug transaction data to avoid service interruption.

Cardinal Health has adopted a standard systematic approach for accepting transaction data – information, history, statement – from manufacturers.

To ensure accuracy and efficiency, Cardinal Health expects manufacturers to send transaction data in electronic format. We believe that the Advance Ship Notices (ASNs), which are electronic documents transmitted via EDI, provide the most direct path to electronic transmission of the required data.

Manufacturers can learn more about their responsibilities and working with Cardinal Health by joining the Cardinal Health DSCSA Forum the first Monday of every month at 1:00 p.m. eastern. Dial-in, 855.241.2663; Conference ID, 12849.

Cardinal Health DSCSA expectations for manufacturers

913KB – PDF

DSCSA Trading Partner Technical Guide

747KB – PDF

Upcoming Drug Supply Chain Security Act manufacturer requirements

41KB – PDF

New HDMA Standard Product Information Form

204KB – PDF

Instructions for HDMA Standard Product Information Form

190KB – PDF

Cardinal Health perspectives on DSCSA - HDMA presentation

398KB – PDF

Paper Packing List Sample

363KB – PDF

HDMA Guidelines for ASN 856

1.8MB – PDF

HDMA Guidelines for Bar Coding in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

5.4MB – PDF

How the DSCSA affects manufacturers