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OptiFreight® Logistics, a leader in freight management solutions for retail independent pharmacies

OptiFreight® Logistics

Discover a source of unexpected, and almost effortless, freight savings. OptiFreight® Logistics is a fast, easy and low-risk way to cut your pharmacy’s shipping costs.

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Leaders in freight management

Did you know that manufacturers actually make a profit off the shipping and handling of direct shipments they deliver to retail independent pharmacies? It’s true. And that hidden expense really adds up. We offer an innovative way to lower the freight shipping cost on many of the products you sell every day.

As a leader in freight management we:

  • Save you 30 – 50% percent on inbound and outbound shipping*
  • Handle more than 11.5 million shipments per year*
  • Serve more than 21,000 healthcare locations*
  • Implement the program in three hours or less
  • Save you money on direct shipments you’re already receiving every day

You also benefit from our deep experience, proprietary tools, strong supplier relationships and dedicated team of freight management experts. There’s no risk, a high return on your investment, and no impact on patient care. Our easy and seamless freight management program gives you one less thing to worry about and saves you significant money. Seem too good to be true? Contact us and learn how OptiFreight® Logistics can deliver real freight savings to your business.

*Based on shipments through OptiFreight® Logistics during January 1–December 31, 2014. Individual savings may vary.

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