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Inbound Shipping for Retail Independent Pharmacies

OptiFreight® Logistics offers an easy and effective way for retail independent pharmacies to cut their inbound shipping costs.

OptiFreight® Logistics, can cut inbound shipping costs for retail independent pharmacies

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Our inbound shipping program is ideal for retail independent pharmacies. OptiFreight® Logistics services and tools can help you lower costs, reduce waste and gain actionable strategies to stay ahead of your competitors. We can handle everything from labels to office equipment—including small parcel and large freight. We identify the best shipping modes, advocate with suppliers on your behalf and deliver real-time insights 24-7.

Key benefits of OptiFreight® Logistics

  • Integrated inbound solutions for small parcel to large 
  • Strategic relationships with FedEx® and over 25 large freight carriers

  • Proprietary analytics that provide greater visibility, so you can see true total spend
  • Shipping insights you and your suppliers can use to improve practices
  • Performance benchmarks against your peers
  • Actionable cost reduction opportunities
  • On-demand, customized reports available online

  • A team of freight management experts who manage cost-saving initiatives
  • A supplier-relations team that proactively enrolls suppliers
  • Logistics experts who ensure you receive the best service at the right price
  • Access to support and resources of Cardinal Health

Learn more about our freight management programs

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