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Medication Therapy Management Solution

Pharmacy benefits

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) can help you further strengthen your role as a trusted healthcare provider and meet important medication adherence measures that affect CMS Star Ratings. However, far too few MTM cases are being completed today. That's why we're here to help.

As an extension of your pharmacy team, our Medication Therapy Management Solution helps you expand patient care by remotely delivering MTM cases on your behalf. We'll help you meet important medication adherence measures that affect CMS Star Ratings, and help ensure your patients have a thorough understanding of how, when and why they should take their medication.


Barriers we can help you overcome

  • The healthcare industry accrues up to $3.6 trillion in avoidable costs related to suboptimal medication use**
  • Time-consuming paperwork
  • CMR scheduling difficulties
  • Inadequate ROI
  • Efficiency concerns

MTM Solution

Expand your pharmacy’s patient care

  • Recruit, schedule and deliver MTM cases
  • Take care of all the documentation to support MTM
  • Perform Comprehensive Medication Review with eligible patients
  • Communicate and resolve patient interventions
  • Perform customized follow-up with patients
  • Document and deliver Personal Medication Lists (PML) and a personalized Medication Action Plan (MAP)
  • Provide robust, two-way communication of results
Real results

The results help you experience real, tangible benefits

  • Increases delivery rate of Comprehensive Medication Reviews
  • Improves performance on quality measures and Star Ratings measurements
  • Improves Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) scores
  • Strengthens loyal relationships with patients
  • Keeps traffic flowing within your store

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Point of view

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Point of view

Using benchmarks to improve care quality

What does the total value of Medication Therapy Management look like?

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Medication Therapy Management Digest

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Five reasons to specialize in Medication Therapy Management

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