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Specialized Care Centers (SCC)

Providing focused patient care solutions to better enable your pharmacy to become a highly trusted healthcare and wellness destination

Specialized Care Centers (SCC) allow you to offer personalized learning opportunities and tailored action plans.

These tools will encourage your customers to become more informed about prevention, condition management and wellness. Also available to you are the products they’ll need to self-manage their specialized needs. Learn more about how SCCs can help your pharmacy improve patient outcomes and pharmacy performance, while strengthening your recognition as a valued community resource.


Become the destination for education, products and wellness with the Diabetes Specialized Care Center.

Best practices for community pharmacies.

Independent pharmacists ensure that their patients and communities receive the best care, every single day. Through unique, innovative programs and initiatives that streamline workflow and improve efficiency, their best practices define the spirit of independent pharmacies and support others in becoming destinations for wellness in their communities.

Diabetes University: Community pharmacists empower patients to improve their quality of life

Midtown Pharmacy believes that diabetes education is the foundation for their patients to adopt healthier lifestyles and make better decisions. Owner and pharmacist Rob Cochran talks about how Midtown Pharmacy leverages education to help patients can lower their risk of complications and improve their quality of life.

Medication Therapy Management in action: Real cases, real results

Numbers speak louder than words. Watching Medication Therapy Management (MTM) in action makes it easier to understand why it can produce an impressive return on investment.

Good Medicine: How to improve med adherence and your bottom line

Customer Best Practices: In 2009, pharmacist Mike Wilhoit, owner of a four-store family business called Mac's Pharmacy in Knoxville, Tenn., saw a big patient need around medication adherence.