Clay Ackerly, MD

Ask me about: Bundled payments, episodic care, care coordination, strategies for reducing hospital readmissions, innovation in healthcare

As chief clinical officer for naviHealth, Clay Ackerly is responsible for clinical operations, care redesign and clinical product development.

Prior to joining naviHealth, Ackerly served as associate medical director for Population Health and Continuing Care at Partners Healthcare, and as assistant chief medical officer for Non-Acute Services at Massachusetts General Hospital. In these roles, he was responsible for improving the quality and efficiency of post-acute care. These initiatives included local care improvement efforts to reduce readmissions, improve care transitions, and increase patient access to intensive home-based services. He also led the development of regional and national collaborations to advance the quality of skilled nursing facilities and post-acute care. 

Ackerly has also served as an innovation advisor for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and has held roles at Duke University Health System, the Food and Drug Administration and the White House, where he advanced multiple healthcare quality improvement efforts. 


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