Presource ® products and services
Learn how Presource ® goes above & beyond traditional kitted surgical supplies to help you drive cost out of your system.

In today's ever changing healthcare environment, hospitals are finding they have to do more with less:

  • Admit more patients with less reimbursement
  • Work more efficiently to drive less waste
  • Drive more savings with less revenue

Introducing, the next-generation Presource® Products and Services.

Presource® is the provider of low cost, high quality kitting solutions serving integrated healthcare providers across the continuum of care with innovative products and services that improve their cost effectiveness and their ability to serve patients.

Our promise: We go above and beyond to help you reduce costs and deliver high quality care.

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More information

More information

To learn how we can help you reduce cost and operate more efficiently without sacrificing quality, contact your local Presource® sales representative or contact us online.



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