Stay on top of your revenue trends.
Financial Management Tools for Healthcare Providers

Why eobONE®?

Working smart beats working hard. eobONE® is a secure and powerful web-based service aimed at improving the performance of your reimbursement operations. And, it doesn't stop there. eobONE assists you in harnessing your information so that you can see your business trends more clearly - the clarity to use it in real time to make more insightful and strategic business decisions. In order to see eobONE® in action for yourself: Sign up for a demo today!


Highly Efficient Reimbursement Management
  • Simplified and streamlined workflow process
  • Consolidated access to information
  • Faster Issue Resolution
  • Tools to manage office productivity
Extensive Real-Time Tools for Critical Business Visibility
  • Clear insights into DSO drivers
  • Root cause of denials and possible trends
  • Rich business trend information about patients, treatments, payers and more
  • Easy to access dashboards that show business drivers at a glance
Valuable Tools to Better Manage Payer Contacts
  • Benchmark what payers pay for each procedure
  • Understand a payer's denial profile, is one denying unnecessarily?
  • Identify trends in payer mix and possible impact to bottom line
  • Come armed to pricing negotiations with performance track records

Advantages of eobONE®

  • Cut time spent processing denials
  • Improve collection rate
  • Reduce DSO
  • Generate high impact reports
  • Eliminate paper EOBs


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