customers at Cardinal Health booth at a conference with an associate

Supplier Diversity differentiates Cardinal Health from our competitors

Cardinal Health tenaciously strives to be the total customer supplier diversity solution while working hard to meet or exceed our customers' supplier diversity requirements.

How Supplier Diversity Enhances Your Cardinal Health Relationship

Diverse Supplier Spend Reports
Customers can request reports highlighting the percentage of their contract expenditures that are awarded directly to diverse suppliers through Cardinal Health.

Knowledgeable Supplier Diversity Staff
With nearly 80 combined years of business, supply chain and supplier diversity experience, our team is well equipped to offer diverse supplier solutions, share best practices and provide diversity training for our customers.

Customer Connection
Twice per year, the Supplier Diversity team hosts a webinar to collaborate with our customers, share best practices, highlight selected diverse suppliers and provide company updates.

Mentoring is crucial to the strength and effectiveness of our supplier diversity program

Cardinal Health provides the following types of mentoring:

  1. Corporate Driven (through our partner organizations)
    • National Minority Supplier Development Council (Centers of Excellence (COE))
    • Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council (Project One)
  2. Customer Driven
    • Specific to customer requirements
    • Includes Federal Government mentoring programs
  3. Next Evolution
    • Driven by specific business needs and supplier availability

National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) & its affiliates

Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council (CMSDC)

Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council (OMSDC)

Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) & its regional partner organizations

Women's Business Development Council (WBDC)

Ohio River Valley Women's Business Council (ORV-WBC)

Healthcare Supplier Diversity Alliance (HSDA)

Midwest Small Business Liaison Officer Group (SBLO)

National LGBT Chamber of Congress (NGLCC)