Meet The Cardinal Health™ Laboratory Excellence List 2021 Honorees


Tywauna is the System Technical Director of Chemistry for CompuNet Clinical Laboratories in Dayton, OH. She has technical oversite for 5 hospital labs, 2 free standing emergency departments, and 1 core reference laboratory. She implements standardized processes across all of the laboratory locations, including system procedures, new instrument selection, CAP compliance, and interacting with hospital stakeholders across all locations to improve patient care and efficiency. She is the Founder and CEO of Trendy Elite Coaching and Consulting, training and mentoring the next generation of laboratory leaders and making sure they have the leadership and management tools needed to be successful.

Efficiency Category Winner

As a section head of Microbiology, Jen has really taken her job skills and initiative to its fullest. Jen has increased productivity by enforcing timed reads on cultures to ensure accurate incubation and turnaround times for each specimen collection. When our hospital was faced with COVID-19, Jen not only brought new testing methods to the department but also worked hard in validating, building new test codes, writing procedures, and getting all personnel trained and onboard. She even made flow charts for every specimen situation to help make the ordering easier. Jen is very organized and dedicated to her work.

Yvonne exemplifies a lab hero, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is a top performing employee at Columbus Regional Health in Columbus, IN.  Her job as Medical Technologist II and Safety Committee Lead for the Laboratory Department is very demanding.  It was largely her team’s responsibility to create a safe laboratory environment and have a Department Emergency Operation Plan ready when unexpected disaster strikes. Her updates to safety policies and procedures resulted in ZERO deficiency during the laboratory inspection.  She  leads in training all laboratory staff on PPE and handwashing, aiding in the prevention of COVID-19 amongst her colleagues in the laboratory. Yvonne models the core values of compassion, integrity and excellence.


Patti works for Regional Medical Laboratory, Inc. (RML) in our Molecular Dept and has advocated for our patients, clients, and community since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Patti worked fervently along with her team to bring the Sars-CoV-2 testing by PCR to our lab. RML has performed over 300,000 tests for Sars-CoV-2 now and are performing testing by PCR on 7 different platforms. Patti played and continues to play such a vital and exceptional role in the necessary validations and collaboration across multiple teams to make the Sars-CoV-2 testing a reality. Patti's advocacy and support of others is exemplary!

Tim Colling is the Laboratory Director for Penrose St. Francis Health Services in Colorado Springs, CO.  Tim’s leadership has permeated throughout the organization as he has consistently reached across the aisle to his nursing colleagues to find solutions for new operational processes. Tim has taken a data driven approach to educate and inform the multidisciplinary team, serving as the impetus to a new system-wide dashboard that presents both performance and quality metrics. Tim’s persistent advocacy demonstrates his commitment to prioritizing patient care and humanizing one of the most common inpatient procedures, blood collection, as we strive toward one-stick hospitalization.

As the current Point of Care Coordinator for McLaren Healthcare Northwest Region, Jennifer goes above and beyond for every patient. She has developed a very good relationship with the hematologists, oncologists and pathologists and can speak on behalf of her patients to ensure the correct diagnosis.  She spends many hours teaching new employees and students the proper differential.  She knows all the leukemia patients by name. The investment into every patient's blood tube, bone marrow, differential and proper collection is important to her because she never wants to see a patient suffer.  Jennifer truly cares about every patient.

Dr. Sridevi Devaraj wears several hats at Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine, including Medical Director of Clinical Chemistry and Point of Care Technology, Director of Laboratories at TCH Centers for Women and Children, and Director for the Clinical Chemistry Fellowship. She is committed to providing trainees with the opportunity to participate in discussions on laboratory management, testing principles and enhancing communication with clinicians. Dr. Devaraj advocates for trainees to gain confidence in expanding their experiences and saying yes to opportunities that are outside of their comfort zone. She is a strong promoter of professional growth.

Lurleen is the technical specialist in the microbiology laboratory at George Washington University Hospital. Lurleen has worked hard in the validation and set up of the Cephied real-time PCR Covid-19 testing.  She has continued this dedication during a second wave of Covid-19, which has spread to more of the population. Lurleen’s dedication to patient care goes above and beyond sacrificing her weekends to ensure that patients can get there results right away. She is an example of someone who is a hard worker and cares about patients, serving as a role model for the whole lab.

Shannon epitomizes the quote, "Sit with dreamers, the conversation is different." She has challenged her Laboratory team to think differently, dream big, and break down barriers. Shannon recently moved into the Lab Director position at Saint Patrick Hospital. In her 6 years at Providence, she has brought process improvement tools, billing standardization, test utilization and much more into the laboratory. Her innovative ideas push patient safety and quality to the forefront. Shannon's outstanding leadership prepared our lab for the pandemic, supporting resiliency throughout the long months. Her voice within the lab, organization, and system is valued and resonates our Providence mission.

Kathy Lamoreaux created efficiencies in her hospital by bringing Drugs of Abuse confirmation testing to her laboratory. Kathy was willing to learn this new system and bring the testing into her lab so that she can provide faster test results to the clinicians, resulting in faster diagnosis and treatment. Kathy is helping the hospital save money by running these tests in her own lab versus outsourcing. Kathy dedicated herself to this endeavor and has made this technology a success for her lab while still performing her other daily tasks and providing quality care to the patients she serves.

Kelly has been responsible for implementing a new technology that supports the collection of blood for laboratory analysis using a needleless access device. The use of this device has resulted in a 56% decrease in lab error rates of all kinds, thus decreasing lab redraws. This innovative technology has greatly impacted patient satisfaction, as well as eliminated over 100,000 needlesticks from patient care--thus promoting both patient and staff safety.

Mary Lou runs our office lab for all locations of Calvert Internal Medicine Group, a multi-specialty provider office with 5 clinical locations. This past year during the pandemic, Mary Lou has worked tirelessly with our providers to implement COVID 19 Drive Up Testing for our patients at each one of our primary care sites.  This service not only helps the patients but reduces the chance of exposure to our staff. Mary Lou is an outstanding role model for our staff and helps develop training programs for our Medical Assistants to ensure patient safety and accuracy in our Point of Care testing.

Tim has been instrumental in developing data analytics for analyzing opportunities to offer more patients a needle-free experience. Centura Health implemented PIVO, a needle-free blood draw system that optimizes a patient's Peripheral IV and uses a catheter system to obtain quality blood specimens. The process required a shift in workflow to unit/RN performed draws. Through Tim's collaboration with Nursing Admin and Nursing Education, he has helped establish a new standard of care for his hospital and created a leading model for the greater Centura system, advocating for a better patient experience and safety by removing the need for venipuncture from their hospital stay.

Wendy was trained by Hologic to perform molecular testing on the Panther in May 2019; in March 2020, the FDA approved the Panther's molecular COVID test. Wendy is without a doubt making an impact in laboratory medicine through her excellence and dedication to running COVID samples on the Panther machine.  She has trained numerous employees in the past year and treats each patient's sample with the utmost care to ensure an accurate result. Wendy is an advocate for patient care and diagnosis without the patient ever knowing someone behind the scenes is fighting for them.

Shelly is the Lab Director at Avita Health System. Her number one priority is patient safety and comfort. Shelly is always open to saving money, but without compromise to her patients. She makes sure her staff is comfortable using the supplies that are provided. Shelly was a lab manager and then stepped into the Lab Director role when the lab was not at its best.  Shelly has hired the right skill set for the positions and has turned the morale around in her department.  Shelly is a strong leader in our organization and we would be lost without her knowledge.