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That’s okay  — with Medicare plans, patients can still fill their prescriptions at any pharmacy, even if they are not preferred.  You will need to make sure your patient knows they will pay a higher co-pay to fill at your pharmacy if they choose a plan you are not preferred in next year. If the patient really wants to stay at your pharmacy, you can review their medications and find other cost saving methods so that the co-pay differential may not be as high. Suggestions include — ensuring that their infrequent acute care medications are not included in their overall price quote for the upcoming year or talking to their doctor about switching to cheaper generic alternatives, if available.

Your patients want to know what plan makes the most sense for them financially. Walk them through their plan options using iMedicare or and let your patient know that “If you want to be a patient at this pharmacy with a lower copay, this is the best option”. If they do choose a plan that will take them to a different pharmacy, remind them to come back next year as plans change annually.

Alisa, JJ, and Dale utilize technicians during the consultation process in different ways. Both Dale and JJ use technicians to help identify eligible patients and schedule consultations, while Alisa uses technicians throughout the entire process. When Alisa is making the technician schedule, she ensures that she schedules dedicated time for Medicare consultations. This ensures that the technician can focus on patient outreach, coordination and Medicare consultations (if applicable).

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