Group of medical professionals in a meeting.

Three emergency preparedness best practices

by Paul Farnin

Here’s how healthcare organizations have prepared for a variety of emergencies over the years and the surge in demand for care that follows.

A doctor pointing out something on a clipboard to a nurse.

Support the fight against VTEs on World Thrombosis Day

by Pantep Angchaisuksiri, MD and Beverly Hunt, MD, OBE
Medical professional in PPE talking to a patient in a hospital bed.

Adapting hospital pharmacies

by Michael D. Brown

Oncology and social factors

Based on clinical evidence, we know that oncology patients facing financial security, food security, social isolation, housing security, addiction and other issues are prone to worse outcomes than patients without these challenges.

Remote pharmacy during crises

by Kelly Morrison

As hospital and retail pharmacies respond to the changing industry dynamics caused by the coronavirus pandemic, they’re executing and re-evaluating their emergency preparedness plans to ensure that they still provide optimum patient care and safety.

Alternative Pharmacy Staffing

by Kelly Morrison

Hospital pharmacies need to evolve their operating model to meet demands for new services and programs in a changing landscape. This is particularly true as the 2020 outbreak of coronavirus continues to impact the practice of pharmacy.

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Doctor listening to a patient's heart and lungs with a stethoscope.

Trends reshaping healthcare

by Michele Holcomb

As America ages, increased demand for healthcare and rising costs have put pressure on the entire healthcare system. This pressure is causing shifts in healthcare delivery, such as value-based care, the rise of non-acute care settings, and more.

Pharmacist consulting a patient.

Evolution of the retail pharmacy franchise business

by Debbie Weitzman

We will take a look back at how the retail pharmacy industry has evolved over the last five decades – and look forward to the changes, trends and opportunities that community pharmacists will see in the decades to come.

Medical professional scanning inventory.

Hospital pharmacy at a crossroads

by Kelly Morrison

How can hospital pharmacies adapt to expand the pharmacy’s reach and fulfill the pharmacist’s role as a pivotal provider of patient-centric healthcare.

Lab technician taking blood from a patient.

Improving outcomes with specimen quality control best practices

by David Wilkins

A deeper look at the important role laboratory specimens play in the healthcare system and the best practices healthcare facilities can use to ensure specimen integrity.

Medical professional in protective headgear and mask looking into a microscope.

Closing the gender gap in cancer research

by Laura Mueller

Experts look at why a gender gap exists in cancer research and what's being done to fix it.

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