Syncing a wearable device to a smart phone app.

Advantages of biosensors

by Chris Hayhurst

A closer look at the technology that increases efficiency and saves money.

Deloitte’s take on choosing technology for virtual health

by Tim Smith

The conversation around virtual health is less about why organizations should be thinking about it, but more about how and where to invest. Deloitte shares important considerations in making technology decisions.

Blockchain: Hype vs. reality

by Michael Myser

Blockchain is the latest technology darling. Our expert helps you get a handle on what it is, and how it might impact the healthcare space.

AI preparedness checklist

by Michael Myser

Our expert shares five signs your health system should consider implementing AI.

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Medical professional depicting AI.

Why healthcare providers should embrace AI

by Laura Mueller

AI is expected to disrupt many industries. Some providers may be concerned about the use of AI in healthcare, but here are three reasons to embrace it.

Medical professional using VR glasses.

3 ways AR and VR are changing medical education

by Laura Mueller

Augmented and virtual reality hold great potential for healthcare and they are becoming a standard part of medical training as costs decrease. Experts share three ways they’re taking medical education to the next level.

Medical professional talking to a patient holding VR glasses.

How AR and VR are revolutionizing the patient experience

by Laura Mueller

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) aren’t just for gaming anymore. Their enveloping experiences are supporting clinical care in new ways.

Illustration of a hospital, ambulance and a smart phone.

Why your next ER visit may be virtual

by Laura Mueller

The rapidly emerging practice of telehealth can help increase efficiencies in our healthcare system, particularly within ERs. Our infographic takes a look at how telehealth may be a game changer for emergency medicine.

A smart phone and smart watch.

The future of community pharmacy

by Brent Stutz

An interview with Brent Stutz, the leader of Fuse, Cardinal Health’s innovative technology lab, on how technology will continue to shape pharmacy practice.

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