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Recognizing and empowering women through #WomenPharmacistDay

by Laura Mueller

A Q&A with leaders helping women succeed in the pharmacy profession.

An eye on growth in outpatient hospital services

by Steve Burrill

Deloitte explores the role of quality and value incentives in looking at the growth of outpatient care.

What your hospital needs to know about disaster preparedness

by Michael Myser

Leaders from Baptist Health South Florida share how they prepped for - and endured - Hurricane Irma, as well as the lessons they learned.

You better shop around

by Frank Irving

A closer look at what’s happening on the shared trail of retail healthcare as more retailers enter the healthcare space—and more providers enter the retail space.

Click here for care

by Jennifer Nelson

A deeper look at on-demand healthcare and what healthcare organizations need to know about this developing trend.

A sense of community (video tutorial on community paramedicine)

by Stephanie Pavol

Learn how hospital and health system leaders are using community paramedicine to deliver patient care while keeping costs down.

3 key topics at the 2018 Population Health Summit

by Laura Mueller

A summary from the summit bringing together leaders from the nation's top hospitals, health systems and health plans to discuss how patient health can be better managed on a large scale.

Home is where...the healthcare is?

by Stephanie Pavol and Kristen Fischer

A recent survey found that 44 percent of healthcare organizations want to invest more in home healthcare. Here’s a deeper look at how hospital care is going to and following the patient—and what this means for healthcare providers.

Latest activity from House and Senate hearings

by Deloitte Health Care Current

Deloitte provides a summary on some of the latest Congressional activity related to healthcare policy.

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