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Advantages of biosensors

by Chris Hayhurst

A closer look at the technology that increases efficiency and saves money.

BIO Patient and Health Advocacy Summit

by Laura Mueller

2018 NCPA Digest

by B. Douglas Hoey

Looking forward on health policy after midterm elections

by Stephanie Pavol

How the midterm elections could affect the healthcare landscape in 2019.

Flu is more than a season

by Laura Mueller

While it's difficult to predict the severity of any flu season before it occurs, there are concrete steps that health systems can take throughout the year to be better prepared.

Quality is in the eye of the beholder

by Laura Mueller

In recognition of the recent Healthcare Quality Week, we examine how one health system is taking a patient-centered approach to healthcare quality.

What your health system or organization needs to know about concierge care

by Jennifer Nelson

Signing up for a medical practice may seem akin to signing up for a health club, but retainer-based medicine is gaining momentum. Here’s what this trend means for hospitals and healthcare providers.

Three ways the laboratory is a strategic asset for health systems

by Laura Mueller

A closer look at how the laboratory can optimize care—both at the patient and population level.

Recognizing and empowering women through #WomenPharmacistDay

by Laura Mueller

A Q&A with leaders helping women succeed in the pharmacy profession.

Leveraging the potential of blockchain in healthcare

by Chris Hayhurst

The American College of Healthcare Executives focused on blockchain for healthcare at a recent meeting. Here are three important take-aways from the panel discussion.

AHA launches Center for Health Innovation

by Stephanie Pavol

Here are five ways the American Hospital Association’s newly launched Center for Health Innovation will help hospitals.

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