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Home is where...the healthcare is?

by Stephanie Pavol and Kristen Fischer

A recent survey found that 44 percent of healthcare organizations want to invest more in home healthcare. Here’s a deeper look at how hospital care is going to and following the patient—and what this means for healthcare providers.

3 key topics at the 2018 Population Health Summit

by Laura Drucker Mueller

Latest activity from House and Senate hearings

by Deloitte Health Care Current

7 habits of highly successful pharmacy owners

by Michael Johnsen

Doug Hoey, president and CEO of the National Community Pharmacists Association, shared these insights at Cardinal Health’s 2018 Retail Business Conference.

Be a catalyst for change

by Brent Stutz and Lisa Avedon

Women must be a strategic part of driving change at organizations. Here’s what healthcare leaders said about empowering women to drive innovation efforts.

Drug Store News explores trends impacting independent pharmacists

by Stephanie Pavol

Leading up to Cardinal Health’s annual pharmacy business conference, our experts shared their insights around three hot topics in the community pharmacy space.

New research explores oncologists' views on precision medicine

by Will Seaton

Precision medicine has the potential to transform cancer care, but challenges need to be addressed. Here’s what more than 160 oncologists nationwide said about their aspirations and hesitations for these targeted therapies.

Is our healthcare system ready for our aging society?

by Laura Drucker Mueller

Americans are living longer, but not necessarily healthier, lives—and our current health system may not be equipped to handle it. Here’s what experts say we can do.

How CMS is promoting interoperability

by Chris Hayhurst

CMS’ “Meaningful Use” program has now become “Promoting Interoperability.” Here’s what you need to know about CMS' latest changes to its EHR incentive program.

Could new patient forms become a thing of the past?

by Will Seaton

What Apple’s latest electronic health record move means for both healthcare providers and patients.

How do we get more men to the doctor?

by Laura Drucker Mueller

With June designated as Men's Health Month, here's a deeper look at why more men may be hesitant to go to the doctor and how healthcare providers can help.

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