Essential Insights

Oncologists share their views

by Will Seaton

More than 160 oncologists voice their opinions on important topics affecting physicians, such as MACRA and physician burnout.

Value-based care often begins with the supply chain

by Jon Giacomin

Jon Giacomin, CEO of our medical segment, explores the role of supply chain in delivering better care.

Best of 2018

by Laura Mueller

Five Essential Insights articles with big impacts.

Leveraging the potential of blockchain in healthcare

by Chris Hayhurst

The American College of Healthcare Executives focused on blockchain for healthcare at a recent meeting. Here are three important take-aways from the panel discussion.

Latest activity from House and Senate hearings

by Deloitte Health Care Current

Deloitte provides a summary on some of the latest Congressional activity related to healthcare policy.

Be a catalyst for change

by Brent Stutz and Lisa Avedon

Women must be a strategic part of driving change at organizations. Here’s what healthcare leaders said about empowering women to drive innovation efforts.

New research explores oncologists' views on precision medicine

by Will Seaton

Precision medicine has the potential to transform cancer care, but challenges need to be addressed. Here’s what more than 160 oncologists nationwide said about their aspirations and hesitations for these targeted therapies.

Is our healthcare system ready for our aging society?

by Laura Mueller

Americans are living longer, but not necessarily healthier, lives—and our current health system may not be equipped to handle it. Here’s what experts say we can do.

The future of medication adherence

by Michael Myser

As many as 50 percent of patients on medications aren't taking them correctly. Here’s how coupling advanced technology and human intervention can improve medication adherence.

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