Hospital patient with oxygen.

Five key insights for hospital leaders to help reduce blood clots and save lives

by William Nadeau

Venous thromboembolism, also known as blood clots, is an area of growing concern in the healthcare community. Here’s what hospital leaders need to know.

A nurse comforting a young patient bedside.

Do no harm

by Laura Mueller
Older man smiling.

Transitioning seniors from hospital to home

by Dianne Radigan

Medication safety during transitions of care

by Todd D. Sorensen and Dianne Radigan

A Q&A with a leading medication management expert about the new E3 Learning Collaborative.

Safe use of med samples

by Lee Murdaugh

How to ensure the safe use of medication samples in ambulatory settings

Med safety and care transitions

by Pat Uselton and Patricia Kienle

Improving medication safety through transitions of care

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Nurse using a syringe to inject medication into a patient.

Safety for 8 high-risk meds

by Pat Uselton

Let’s get clinical: Improving safety for 8 high-risk medications

Pharmacist showing a prescription to a customer.

Just Culture

by Natasha Nicol

Just Culture: An approach to reduce medication mistakes

Pharmacist counting red pills.

Time for med reconciliation

by Patricia Kienle

Medication reconciliation: A hospital visit is a time to do it right