Best of 2020

by Lindsay Valiante

Top five Essential Insights articles in 2020 that provided actionable advice on the critical and fast-changing healthcare industry. These can’t-miss stories highlighted an array of topics from the COVID-19 pandemic impact to advice and success stories for pharmacy owners.

Medical professional talking to a customer.

Remote pharmacy during crises

by Kelly Morrison
Medical professional writing on a clipboard.

Alternative Pharmacy Staffing

by Kelly Morrison

Trends reshaping healthcare

by Michele Holcomb

As America ages, increased demand for healthcare and rising costs have put pressure on the entire healthcare system. This pressure is causing shifts in healthcare delivery, such as value-based care, the rise of non-acute care settings, and more.

Evolution of the retail pharmacy franchise business

by Debbie Weitzman

We will take a look back at how the retail pharmacy industry has evolved over the last five decades – and look forward to the changes, trends and opportunities that community pharmacists will see in the decades to come.

How networking and grit helped a Missouri female-owned pharmacy expand

by Julie Wilson

A pharmacy business owner shares four key insights to help other female pharmacists grow their businesses and careers.

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Smiling pharmacist standing in front of the pharmacy shelves.

The state of community pharmacy from the NCPA Digest

by B. Douglas Hoey

The latest NCPA Digest offers important findings for the independent community pharmacy market.

Compilation of images from the top five stories of 2019.

The best of 2019

by Stephanie Pavol

This Essential Insights articles with the biggest impact over the last year.

Pharmacist showing a customer a medication bottle.

Four trends impacting pharmacists

by Tom Halterman and Brent Stutz

Experts provide a look at four key trends impacting the role of pharmacists and the expanding need for medication therapy management.

Pharmacist consulting with a patient.

Four important tips for women considering pharmacy ownership

by Julie Wilson

Medicap® Pharmacy owner Natalie Schwartzel realized her dream of opening her own pharmacy. Here, she offers advice for fellow women pharmacists considering pharmacy ownership.

Two female pharmacists.

Why empowering women pharmacists is good for the future of pharmacy

by Julie Wilson

A Q&A with an industry leader around helping women succeed in the pharmacy profession in honor of #WomenPharmacistDay.

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