7 reasons why large hospitals are increasingly using remote pharmacy services


Kelly Morrison

Director, Remote and Retail Pharmacy Services
Cardinal Health

1 More time spent on strategic initiatives means less time for effective medication order review.


2 Remote pharmacy services make good business sense.

3 Remote pharmacists can provide nurses and physicians with much-needed assistance and support, 24x7.

Nurses can simply initiate a quick video call with a remote pharmacist and in real time receive pharmacist verification that the correct medication was manually retrieved prior to administration. 

4 Remote pharmacy services help improve patient safety by reducing the percentage of automation overrides.


5 Remote pharmacy services can help hospitals process additional medication order volume that often accompanies computerized physician order entry implementation.

6 Remote pharmacy services can provide long-term support to empower pharmacists to improve patient satisfaction, meaningfully connect with patients, and improve care transitions.

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7 Remote pharmacy services can deliver a valuable cultural ROI.

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