2016 NCPA Digest: A Roadmap for Independent Community Pharmacies


B. Douglas Hoey, RPh, MBA

CEO, National Community Pharmacists Association

Scale of the community pharmacy marketplace

Services provided to meet local health needs

83% provide medication therapy management services.

Independent pharmacies’ community involvement


Of owners and/or employees have direct personal relationships with a state representative or a state representative's key staff member.

Warning signs


Independent community pharmacies continue to be a trusted source for prescription medication and expert counseling, according to the 2016 NCPA Digest. In towns and cities across America, independent community pharmacies treat patients like family, adapt to further promote safe and effective medication use, and are active local philanthropists.

At the same time, both decreasing prescription volume and declining prescription drug reimbursement should be alarm bells to community pharmacy owners. Now more than ever, community pharmacy owners should consider any and all options to diversify their revenue while continuing to focus on evaluating the economics of third party reimbursements.