The future of community pharmacy: Evolving for a changing healthcare market


Michael Myser Essential Insights contributor, healthcare writer

Michael Myser

Essential Insights contributor, healthcare writer

Myser: What big changes are pharmacies dealing with in this new age of healthcare?

Myser: Do you see these changes as opportunities or challenges for pharmacies?

Myser: What opportunities do you see for pharmacies?

Illustration of physician's collaborating via a video conference system in room with X-ray images.

Clinical collaboration - and the capability of allowing pharmacists, doctors and patients to communicate effectively in real-time - is expected to be a larger part of pharmacy practice as the model evolves.

Myser: What do you see as the first step - or second or third - pharmacies can make to evolve their pharmacy practice?

Myser: What will happen to pharmacies that don't start evolving to meet these demands?

Myser: Congratulations, you were recently elected to take over as president of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA). What initiatives will the association be tackling to assist its members moving forward?

Myser: Why do you believe it is so critical to achieve provider status for pharmacists?