Our predictions: five ways healthcare innovation will move forward in 2017


Corbin Shaw

Healthcare innovation expert

Kristina Redgrave

Innovation Solutions Manager, Fuse by Cardinal Health

Prediction #1

A record number of physicians will bill for telehealth services and 75 percent of patients will use two or more digital health tools in 2017.

Prediction #2

Continuing consolidation across the healthcare industry will provide increased access to longitudinal patient data, allowing for greater innovation in multiple areas such as utilization management, patient experience and precision medicine.



Prediction #4

There will be large scale investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for healthcare in 2017, but substantial progress in the use of AI for patient diagnostics and provider decision support won’t be made until data sharing and exchange across systems is standardized.

Prediction #5

The greatest value of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in 2017 will be seen in applications that improve patient experience.

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